Programming and Designing a Website for a Major Company in Turkey

Execution Period
14 Days
Website Design and Development
Viviana Cosmetic

An overview of Viviana’s website programming and design

viviana: A leading company in the production and export of cosmetics in Türkiye.

Customer website:

One of our works is designing and programming the website for Viviana Success Partners

  • At apollo solutions, we have provided user interfaces that are compatible with various devices and screens.
  • We made sure that the colors used on the site were compatible with the colors of the brand’s visual identity.
  • We worked on search engine optimization (SEO), In order to enhance the brand and its visibility on search engines.
  • Our programmers relied on the latest technologies in designing and programming the website.

To request this service from Apollo Solutions, Contact us: 00905528330233

You can view a gallery of our work in website programming and design: fromhere.


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